New Testing Tools for Gen4 PCIe Devices  
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New Testing Tools for Gen4 PCIe devices

  We’ve added two new modules to our range of products for testing Gen4 PCIe devices. The Gen4 PCIe U.2 and Gen4 PCIe U.3 modules provide fully automated hot-swap and physical layer fault injection for drives using the latest U.2 and U.3 specifications. Both modules are available with external triggering IN/OUT allowing you to sync with external test equipment.  

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QPS for Linux &
View and capture power data easily with QuarchPower Studio. Easily analyze power performance of storage devices over extended periods. Now fully compatible with Linux, macOS and Windows.

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Voltage stability control
Ensure full output voltage stability for devices you test-even under high load and with losses in cables/test fixtures. Get voltage stability control with the latest HD PPMs. Upgrades also available.

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New, robust designs
Our flex cables now boast higher resistance to accidental damage if they’re jerked or pulled. Plus, there’s an innovation version that allows external triggering on selected drive modules.  

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Award for Quarch
We’re proud to have won the prestigious International Business of the Year award at the regional finals of the 2019 Celebrating Small Business Awards, for our international reputation in the data storage and networking industries.  

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From data centers to self-driving cars


Discover a simple way to automate physical layer testing


  Increased test coverage. Decreased testing costs.

Manual testing is heavy on time and cost. But If your business uses the latest 25G/100G LAN or 32G FC links, you can use our new range of breaker modules to automate hot-plug and fault-injection testing. The new SFP28 and QSFP28 modules sit between a host and a copper or optical interconnect cable.


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Leaders in physical layer testing

Discreet and diligent, we are at the forefront of automated testing in one of the world’s most demanding industries, supplying a range of technical tools for global clients.




Hot-swap & fault-injection
Test the most complex fault scenarios with our unique products





Power analysis
Understand the true performance of storage devices with our market-leading power suite





Fully automated re-cabling ensures the best possible use of your time and equipment



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