SANBlaze Announces the SBExpress-DT4 NVMe Test System  

SANBlaze is pleased to unveil its latest system in the family of NVMe test systems, the SBExpress-DT4. This portable desk top unit packs all the same features as its big sister the SBExpress-RM4 yet rather than live permanently in a server room rack, it can be taken to a customer site or used in a work-from-home environment, and can be set up and running tests in under five minutes.  

The SANBlaze SBExpress-DT4 is a complete turnkey PCIeŽ Gen 4 NVMe SSD validation test system. With industry leading Certified by SANBlaze automated testing, the SBExpress-DT4 brings Enterprise Class NVMe validation right to the developer's desktop. It is quiet and portable, perfect for a work-from-home environment or traveling to customer sites or satellite offices.

  The SBExpress-DT4 provides the following features:  
  Six PCIe Gen4 slots
  • Slots 0, 1, 2 Gen4 Riser; options for U.2 /U.3 /M.2/EDSFF (short)
  • Slot 3, PCIe x8
  • Slot 4, EDSFF (long) support built-in
  • Slot 5, M.2 (on Motherboard)

Hardware Features Under Software Control

  • Dual/Single Port selectable
  • Fan speed control
  • Power up/down testing each device
  • PERST (reset) and HotPlug on each device
  • Power measuring all slots
  • Voltage margining +/- 15%
  • SRIS support and built in tests (optional)
  • Surprise/Graceful removal testing
  • VDM (optional)
  • SMBus and In-Band MI testing
  • FW download via VDM, SMBus and In-Band
  • Gen4 TLP/DLLP/Receive Error monitoring for PCIe Gen4 validation
  • LTSSM monitoring for each device

Watch the recorded webinar on the SBExpress-DT4 in action

Watch the SBExpress-DT4


The SBExpress-DT4 proves useful for a wide variety of roles, including firmware teams, manufacturing teams, development engineers, systems engineers, and field application engineers.
An optional self-contained travel case is available making it ideal to take the system from the office to home if you're working remotely. Since the system is self-contained, everything you need to begin testing is easily packaged in the box.

The system runs the same software as the SANBlaze SBExpress-RM4 and has the same APIs including REST for enclosure control, XML, and Python, supporting both Python2 and Python3.  All system functionality is accessible from the Python API allowing the DT4 to coexist with the RM4 as part of a larger corporate test environment.
Advanced Certified by SANBlaze reporting complements the SBExpress-DT4, automatically generating reports on the fly as tests complete. The reports are generated in HTML and are completely portable, so they can be viewed on the system that created them or on any remote system running a standard browser.  You can interactively hide details or drill down to examine the exact cause of any failure, allowing a custom presentation for your test results."
The SANBlaze SBExpress-DT4 packs a lot of power into a small footprint and allows you the flexibility to test your SSD drives wherever and whenever you need to. See the SBExpress-DT4 in action:


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