Kodiak™ Next-Generation Gen4 PCIe®/NVMe™ Protocol Analysis Solution  

Kodiak™ Next-Generation Gen4 PCIe®/NVMe™ Protocol Analysis Solution Webinar


  Date: 10 Sept 2020, Thursday,
Time: 9.30 AM (India time), 12.00 noon (Singapore time)
Planned duration: 40-45 minutes, followed by Q&A
Hosts: Experts from SerialTek, USA
Register: http://www.esaindia.com/serialtek-webinar-kodiak.php

Customers want improved capabilities for using SerialTek (www.serialtek.com)  protocol analyzers while working more remotely from other facilities and even via secure VPN. SerialTek has several new features and strong roadmap to compliment Kodiak’s leading hardware capabilities (e.g. 1GE and 10GE), 2TB internal trace processing and storage, and analysis capabilities.

Join us for this webinar on 10 September 2020 and learn about PCIe/NVMe Analysis Platform with Embedded Hardware, Real-Time Protocol Processor™, Calibration-Free SI-Fi™ Probing and Automatic Equalization, Internal SSD Storage, Touchscreen LCD, and Standard PCIe Cabling.


NEW Updates – Kodiak™


Easier Setup, No Calibration, Remote Management, and new REST API for automation

  Browser-Based Analyzer Management GUI (e.g. Chrome, Edge)  
  • Connect the Kodiak to your network via 1GE or 10GE to access it from anywhere via your web browser.
  • Real-time analyzer status, including link LED’s for the system under test.
  • Real-time interposer status, including automatically identifying the interposer model and correct/incorrect and unnecessary cables connections.
  • Manage trace files stored in the Kodiak’s 2TB internal media and zip/download trace files to your PC for local viewing.
  Improved No-Calibration Setup and Improved Low-Power (L1.x) Support  
  • Improved Auto-tuning for easy and fast analyzer setup
  • Fast analyzer lock-time ensures proper capture of link-training, even if the physical link characteristics change (e.g. power-cycle or boot-up)
  • Improved fast low-power support for L1.1 and L1.2 for analyzing L1.x entry and exit
  • Improved SRIS and SRNS support
  NEW Efficient Automation  
  Kodiak’s new REST API is available via more stable and easier to implement analyzer automation in existing test racks. Kodiak’s browser interface provides examples for the REST API to further supp.  

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