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  • Hightec Released new C/C++ Development Platform for Infineon AURIX TC4xx for Safety-relevant Applications

  • HighTec EDV-Systeme GmbH presents a new version of the compiler of the HighTec C/C++ Development Platform for Infineon's AURIX TC4xx. The current version 5.4.0 convinces with a complete integration of the TC4xx family, its even faster build system and the advanced code optimizations based on the architecture-specific functions of the AURIX microcontrollers. Sub-processors like HSM, GTM/MCS or PPU and other application specific architectures are also fully supported.

    With the compiler update, HighTec accelerates the development and certification of safety-relevant applications, for example in industrial automation, but especially in driver assistance systems and functions for autonomous driving. HighTec is the only compiler provider to be an "Infineon Preferred Design House"; the HighTec C/C++ Development Platform is used by leading automotive manufacturers and Tier One suppliers.

    The HighTec C/C++ Development Platform is a multi-architecture and multi-core compiler suite with support for TriCore, AURIX, AURIX 2G, Power Architecture (PowerPC), Arm, RISC-V and Renesas architectures. The compiler is based on the innovative LLVM open-source compiler technology developed by major IT companies; it is available for both Windows and Linux platforms. Extension with third-party Eclipse plug-ins is quite easy, as is integration into custom IDEs using the command line version.

    The integrated Content Manager of the HighTec C/C++ Development Platform allows fast access to BSP (Board Support Package), integrated examples, safety libraries and driver packages such as MCAL and ILLD (Infineon Low Level Driver). Through the HighTec Library Qualification Kit, standard libraries that can be utilized without open-source license restrictions can be used for safety applications.

    For the tool qualification of the C/C++ compiler according to ISO26262 ASIL D and IEC 61508 SIL 3, HighTec offers their customers a Tool Qualification Kit (Q-Kit). Numerous examples, tutorials and training documents help developers get started and work with the HighTec C/C++ Development Platform.

    Version 5.4.0 of the TriCore Development Platform is now available for download. click here

    Improvements and changes in this version are as below,

    • Added support for the jump_and_link attribute.
    • Added support for the interrupt_handler attribute.
    • Added support for the REGION_MIRROR linker command.
    • Optimized access to function arguments passed in the overflow area (stack).
    • Optimized access to global variables.
    • Added TriCore specific behavior of volatile bitfields.
    • The compiler and assembler now allow to use the HRHV selector bits in the MFCR, MFDCR, MTCR and MTDCR instructions.
    • The compiler allows to use the HVCALL instruction for TC1.8 even when the virtualization feature is disabled.
    • The assembler now correctly rejects RLC formatted instructions using symbol expressions without operand prefixes.
    • The compiler now generates and the assembler accepts double extended register names with the letter 'Q' instead of 'X'.
    • A compiler crash related to jump table placement is now fixed.
    • A bug where copying the carry-bit to the PSW register could lead to corruption of stack variables is now fixed.
    • Several compiler crashes related to instruction legalization are now fixed.
    • A problem related to the compiler generating jumps to far targets being unreachable at assemble time is now fixed.
    • Minor fix for the ctype header functions.
    • The compiler is based on a recent version of LLVM 13.0.0, last updated on the 28th of July, 2021.

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