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  • Vote for Your Product of the Year 2024

  • Vote for Your Product of the Year 2024

    The renowned electronic magazine Elektronik is once again calling for the election of the Product of the Year award - and we're in!

    We are very pleased that our Aurora 2 preprocessor has been nominated, why did the Elektronik editors choose it? Here is the answer:

    After consumer electronics such as smartphones, high-end system-on-chips (SoCs) with multi-core and many-core architectures are now also finding their way into safety-critical applications such as the automotive, aviation and medical device industries. Here, functional safety certification, e.g. in accordance with ISO 26262, DO-178C or IEC 62304, is mandatory. This requires, among other things, code coverage and timing analyses based on a real-time trace of instructions and data. For high-end SoCs with high clock frequencies and multiple CPU cores, a real-time trace of all cores was previously impossible because the transmission and processing speed of the trace modules was insufficient. Our Aurora 2 preprocessor, with its net data transfer rate of up to 22.5Gb/s per line and pre-processing and filtering of trace data, enables the development of safety-critical applications even on very fast and complex SoCs.

    You can vote for out Aurora-2 preprocessor in section Embedded Hardware here:

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