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  • NEW Gen5 U.2 breaker / NEW SFF PAM for U.2 / NEW 2 Channel PAM / New Quarchpy

    We've been busy at Quarch HQ!

    New PCIE GEN5 Products

  • New PCIE GEN5 Products

    2021 is a big year for Gen5 and Quarch will have multiple new products to support the early adopters. Our Gen5 U.2 Breaker has been just released, perfect for automation and debugging of the latest SFF drive. This product is in high demand.

    Also released is the Gen5 PCIe x16 Slot ‘Lite’ module. This is a lower-cost product, ideal for automating power cycling. We’ve also included a standard PC USB header, allowing the module to be powered and controlled directly from the host for streamlined deployment.

    Gen5 PCIe x16 LITE Breaker Module

    NEW SFF PAM for U.2, U.3 and SAS/SATA

    New for the Power Analysis Module, the SFF fixture allows for power and sideband analysis of U.2, U.3 and SAS/SATA drives. Now you can debug sideband assertion timings and analyse power consumption via the same, easy to use the device.

    "All major vendors we've spoken to this year see power testing as a key requirement. The Quarch solution provides a simple, automated way to collect the data you need" Andy Noorie Technical Director

    NEW 2-Channel mixed signal PAM fixture

    NEW 2-Channel mixed signal PAM fixture

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