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    Profiling with Performance Counters for TriCore™ Aurix™

  • Lauterbach is pleased to announce support for the performance counter trace messages for Infineon #AURIX™ TC27x/TC29x/TC37x/TC39x with full MCDS. Together with the instruction trace, this opens up new possibilities for optimizing application code to improve overall runtime.

    Cache misses, data hazards and incorrect branch predictions have a negative impact on function runtimes. To investigate and minimize the impact of these events, the Infineon AURIX™ microcontrollers TC27x/TC29x/TC37x/TC39x, with full MCDS, offer the capability of recording these events in the trace. With these new features in play, consequent analysis and adaption of the code to the processor hardware leads to a significant reduction of the function runtime./p>

    Profiling with Performance Counters for TriCore™ Aurix™

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