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  • Quarch Automotive Multi-protocol Breaker Module - Part Number: QTL2602
  • Date: 24th June, 2022

    The Automotive Multi-Protocol Breaker is a versatile tool from Quarch, a standalone fault injection and monitoring device for testing critical communication links in the automotive industry and beyond. Using simple pluggable terminal blocks, the breaker connects to a wiring loom. It can support many communication links from RS-232 to 1000Base T1 Ethernet.

    Multi-protocol Breaker Module

    When in place, we can create physical layer interruptions from short data glitches to permanent failures. This allows our customers to prove that their links are fault-tolerant and appropriately redundant.

    Power and four data lines are supported. In addition to fault injection, we can also monitor the signals in real-time. Plus record them for later analysis.


    • Connect into a wiring loom with a power rail and up to 4 data lines.
    • Inject physical later events and faults including hot-plug, pin-bounce, glitch and link failure.
    • Real-time monitoring of bus transitions and capture using Power Studio or python scripts.

    Technical Specifications

    • Power rail switching: Up to 25 Volt, 8 Amp.
    • Data switching: -15V to +15V, 30mA.
    • 1 power rail, 4 data lanes, 1 ground.
    • External trigger ports for timed events.
    • Compatible with Quarch Power Studio for long term capture of digital signals at 250KHz.
    • Power from 12v or PoE.
    • Control via USB or LAN.

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