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  • PCIe 6.0 / CXL 3.0 Protocol Test System

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    SerialTek Announces PCIe 6.0 / CXL 3.0 Protocol Test System with Industry's Deepest Capture Depth at 288GB

    New 16-Lane Kodiak™ 64GT/s Test Platform Also Adds Protocol Emulation Capability

    Longmont, CO, USA - November 15, 2023 - SerialTek, a leading provider of protocol test solutions for Compute Express Link™, PCI Express® and NVM Express®, today introduced an advancement in the CXL™ / PCIe® test and analysis market with the release of the Kodiak CXL 3.1 / PCIe 6.0 x16 Protocol Test System. The system features the innovative multi-platform, web-based BusXpert analysis software, up to 8TB of embedded storage, the industry's deepest capture buffer at 288GB, accelerated post-processing architecture, and a new protocol tester capability with compliance suites and traffic emulation.

    The solution is completed with the industry's first calibration-free PCIe x16 add-in-card (AIC) and x16 OCP 3.0 NIC/EDSFF interposers with high signal integrity SI-Fi™ technology. The system provides comprehensive lane and sideband probing on a multitude of physical interfaces with high accuracy, allowing for high-fidelity probing of PCIe lanes/signals and blazingly fast trace analysis.

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