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  • Rust Development Platform for Infineon AURIX

  • The novel HighTec Rust Compiler, tailored for AURIX™ TC3x and TC4x microcontrollers, leverages the advanced open-source LLVM technology to deliver the full range of Rust language features, including memory safety, concurrency, and interoperability, for applications with safe, secure, high-performance, and rapidly deployable requirements.

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    This platform provides a framework for building Rust applications or integrating Rust into existing C/C++ applications. The HighTec Rust Development Platform is a comprehensive toolset that includes:

    • HighTec AURIX Rust Compiler
    • Cargo Build System and Package Management
    • Rust libraries
    • Hardware Abstraction Layer (HAL), and Board Support Package (BSP)
    • Examples (Usage of peripheral drivers, ...)
    • Documentation, Getting Started material
    • Windows and Linux support
    • VS Code IDE support
    • 3rd party Debugger support (Lauterbach, pls)

    Rust Partner Ecosystem

    For over 40 years, Lauterbach has been a trusted partner at the side of the world's leading technology companies, enabling their embedded innovations for a smarter, more sustainable world.

    Today their TRACE32® debug and trace tools for microprocessors are the de-facto standard in many industries. By supporting the Rust Development Platform for Infineon AURIXTM, also Rust developers now have access to the features of the world's leading debug and trace tools.

    • Unlimited Debug Capabilities: TRACE32® PowerDebug System - PowerDebug is a powerful, modular, flexible debug system which provides the broadest coverage of supported chips and core architectures in the embedded industry. It provides the best performance and solves the most complex problems. Key Highlights are unlimited multicore debugging, OS- and hypervisor-awareness and extensions with trace and logic analyzers.
    • Inspect System Details Without Limits: TRACE32® PowerTrace System - PowerTrace collects information while the system under examination is running normally, without interruption and without impacting its real-time performance in any way. You can determine the performance of your application and coverage data for certifying safety critical applications. Key Highlights are unlimited multicore tracing, trace recording at highest data rates and ultra long trace to capture everything.

    Request Rust Evaluation Package

    To evaluate our new Rust Development Platform fill in the registration form at Request of Evaluation Key and select:

    • Microcontroller TriCore/AURIX™(TC4xx, TC3xx)
    • Rust as Programming Language

    The HighTec Rust Development Platform package that you will have access to, includes the Rust compiler tools including cargo build system, safety libraries, hardware abstraction and BSP (Board Support Package) for TC3x, integrated examples including the usage of C based peripheral drivers and a documentation including "Getting started" instructions. End-User-License-Agreement (EULA) . If you have any questions regarding the usage of our tools, please contact our support team during your evaluation period and we will gladly to support you.

    For more information contact :

    Phone: +91 80-6764 8836

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